Midwestern (Kansas City) music producer that is taking mobile music production to the next level with professional quality production created solely on an iPad.

With influences ranging from every genre and corner of pop culture from Super Mario, to Street fighter to Avatar (not the blue people)Earth Wind and Fire, Kanye, Pharrell, Metro, Southside and 808 Mafia. Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley to Bob Dylan and whatever else may inspire.

I like to specialize in a chill mellow vibe. Sample heavy, soulful bounces, something that you can road trip to or just clean the house. I will indulge in the occasional SLAP as well not hesitating to put a heavy emphasis on the kick, snare, and a distorted 808.

The beauty of iOS music production is you can literally get inspired anywhere. Whenever the inspiration hits you can pull out your iPad and some headphones and go cook up on the spot.